The Artist

    “An artist cannot fail, it is a success to simply be one. This single sentence sums up for me what it is to be an artist, an individual who can immerse themselves in an occupation that they love doing. Although people can aspire to become artists for various reasons, they may want to change the world, become commercially successful or make political statements, for me it’s a lot simpler, I simply enjoy creating art.

    Anyone can call themselves an artist, but not many people can produce real art that can translate their ideas and feelings into art form. I feel the trick is to be able to manage your own projects to reflect your artistic expression and individual philosophy.

    At college, classes were a broad range of learning experiences that helped to stimulate the development of my technical, creative and analytical abilities. The course was structured around tutorials, group critiques, seminars and open-studio sessions where we were encouraged to negotiate our own particular approach to fine art through five areas of practice: painting, sculpture, ceramics, textile, and graphics.